Rehearsal Pictures #2 Last updated 12/27/99


Andrea and Tim

Andy, Andrea, Laurie, Chris

Everybody boarding cruise
Chris and Dennis
Kelsey, Kimmi, Chris, Laurie
Chris and Laurie
Craig, Corey, Maggie
Kelsey and Ryan
Kimmi and Corey
Kimmi, Laurie, Kelsey, Andrea, Colleen, Stacy, Lynne

Laurie, Chris, Gene, Jack, Ryan, Ken
 Laurie, Kimmi, Corey
Lynne, Stacy, Colleen, Andrea, Laurie
The McLaughlin Family
Mike and Betsey
The Moore Family
Paul and Mary Anne

Scott, Paul, Stephen

Jack, Gene, Ryan, Ken

Tim, Chris, Dennis

Lynne and Scott