How We Met

Chris and I met in the fall of 1992 when he moved in down the street from me in Moorestown, New Jersey. At that time we were both entering our sophomore year of high school and because both of our last initials are "M", we were in the same homeroom. That was not where we really got to know each other though, the friendship began in driver education. Actually, a friend of mine and I were looking forward to sitting next to each other in driver education (because we knew the teacher sat students alphabetically), but this new "kid" fell right in between us alphabetically. I got to know Chris well as he agreed to pass notes between my friend and me.

As time went on I got to know Chris better, but never really outside of school. Then one day my Mom told me I should call him. She said that she met his mother and thought it would be nice if I called him and invited him to do something with my friends and I. She gave me the guilt trip that I knew (from experience) how difficult it was to be the new kid. I did as I was told and I called Chris. I was relieved to find that Chris wasn't home when I called and I didn't expect him to call back, but he did! When he called back I invited him over to my house for the upcoming Friday night. This was only the beginning. Chris began to call me every single night! Not only that, but we used to talk for hours at a time! Soon my friends were our friends and Chris was part of the gang!

By March or so I decided that Chris and I spent too much time on the telephone and I didn't like it. So, I decided that I wasn't going to call him back one night. Well, he got me. The next day in homeroom he said (jokingly), "You didn't call me back last night, I bet you don't even know my phone number." He was absolutely right, I had no idea what it was because he always called me. I felt so badly that I continued to talk to him for hours each night. By this time Chris began to show signs of liking me, but I wasn't interested. I continued to date other people and valued Chris as a friend, he hated that!

It hit me how much I liked Chris that summer. He went away to basketball camp in Kansas for a week and I missed talking to him so much. So I called his parents, whom I didn't know at all and asked them if I could accompany them to pick him up at the airport. Well I did and he was surprised, but I still just thought of him as a friend, a great friend. In fact, he even used to drive me to sporting events that the guy I liked was playing in! In August I broke down and kissed him! The very next day I called him and told him that I shouldn't have kissed him and I reminded him that in my eyes we were still just friends. He didn't give up yet, thank goodness!

We are now entering our junior year in high school and we are the very best of friends! On the first day of school I saw Chris in homeroom, but after that I didn't see him once, not in any classes, not in the hall and not at lunch. This made me sad. Well, that night I ran in to Chris, Dennis and Mrs. Moore at Office Max buying school supplies. I was so glad to see Chris that I invited him over to my house that night and we decided to give the dating thing a try. If only that was the end of the story!

It was less than a week before I decided that we were better off as friends, and Chris, being the sweetheart that he is, went a long with me. In the mean time I continued to date other people and remain good friends with Chris. Actually, he sort of became my dating advisor. The turning point came when I got jealous. It was October 16, 1993, the day of the PSAT's. Again, because of our last initials being the same, Chris and I were in the same room, but when I walked in he didn't even say "hi." We got a break in the middle of the practice test and he didn't say "hi" then either; he was too busy talking to another girl! I was a little bit jealous then, but it wasn't until he offered her the front seat in his car (traditionally my seat) on our way out to breakfast that I got really jealous. I couldn't take it!

During breakfast I asked Chris to come outside and talk and we made plans to spend the rest of that Saturday afternoon and evening together. That was it, it was never the same after that! To this day Chris admits he was about to give up on me, I'm sure glad that he didn't!