Hello to all of our friends and family, we hope you are all well.

Our family of 6 is doing wonderfully!

Halle is 8 and is in 3rd grade. She is involved in soccer, hip hop dancing, and and has also become an excellent swimmer! She also enjoys writing in her journal and playing with her friends

Brooke is 6 years old and is in 1st grade. She is involved in soccer, ballet/tap and music class and she still loves puzzles, dolls and pretend play. She also loves to do anything Halle and her friends are doing!

Todd is 5 and is very funny! He loves all things balls and bats and swords. He is loud and funny and loves to do what the girls are doing. He is going to preschool three times a week.

Oh how fast Kevin is growing, he is now 2! He loves music class and of course trains and trucks. He loves keeping Mommy and Todd company when the girls are at school.

Chris is enjoying his role as Director of IT at XOS Digital . In his time away from work he enjoys time with the kids and watching NFL football and PBR (Professional Bull Riding)!

Laurie continues to enjoy being a stay at home Mom and keeps busy carting the kids around as well as by volunteering for various things that the kids are involved in.

Thank you for visiting Moorefamilytimes.com! Look back for periodic updates to the web site. Keep in touch and take care!

Laurie, Chris, Halle, Brooke,Todd, and Kevin

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